Geotechnical Exploration & Evaluation

Geotechnical engineers reduce the likelihood of construction delays caused by unforeseen conditions by conducting thorough subsurface exploration and expert evaluation of the data collected. 

Our geotechnical engineers use their extensive expertise to plan each exploration based on local geological conditions, potential environmental factors, and the property’s intended use.

NOVA’s geotechnical engineering services include: 

  • Preliminary & Final Explorations
  • Site-Specific Seismic Assessment
  • Site Characterizations Studies
  • Geological Hazard Assessment
  • Site Preparation & Foundation Specification Development
  • Slope Stability & Embankment Analysis
  • Foundation, Earthwork & Settlement
  • Evaluations, Analysis & Inspections
  • Plan Review

Geotechnical Recommendations & Standards for Excellence

After our geotechnical engineers conduct exploration and evaluation, we will make recommendations to ensure reduced delays and cost-effectiveness for site development and foundation design/construction.

We pride ourselves on adhering to strict standards for excellence. NOVA’s laboratories meet the requirements of ASTM E-329, D-3666, and C-1077. We are also participants in the AMRL Sample Reference Proficiency Programs administered by AASHTO and CCRL, which ensures our laboratories conform to quality system requirements and have the technical competencies required for various geotechnical assessments and recommendations.

Additionally, most of our labs are either AASHTO, A2LA, or CMEC accredited for soils, hot-mix asphalt, concrete, and aggregate testing.

Photo of drill with cement on it

NOVA’s Geotechnical Engineering Service Highlights

TruiSt Park, Mixed-use development, Pedestrian Bridge & Parking Deck

Construction equipment

Atlanta, Georgia

Services Provided: Geotechnical Engineering, Special Inspections, Materials Testing, Roof and Building Envelope Consulting

Dates of Service:  2014 – 2018

Reference Contact: BRED Co. LLC c/o Jones Lang LaSalle, Steve Space, Senior Project Manager, 404.995.7421,

NOVA is providing geotechnical and materials testing services for the new Atlanta Braves Ball Park, parking deck, and other adjacent office, retail and multi-family facilities in Cobb County, Georgia. Truist Park (formerly SunTrust Park) has 41,500 seats and is designed to maximize sightlines, making every seat feel like the “best in the house”.

The NOVA team has provided foundation recommendations for the ball park which accounted for a wide range of loading conditions and support conditions. An in-situ seismic shear wave survey was also performed at the site, and a site-specific ground motion analysis was performed to aid in the seismic portion of the structure design. NOVA provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services during the placement of +1,000,000 cubic yards of fill, all special inspections and materials testing.

NOVA provided waterproofing design recommendations for the design team, reviewed contract submittals and design specifications, are currently providing special inspections and construction materials testing, which includes approximately 45,000+ cubic yards of concrete.

NOVA Engineering Geotechnical Service Locations

NOVA’s engineer’s conduct geotechnical services for the following locations:

The NOVA geotechnical team applies its knowledge of federal and state regulations, technical skills, and analytical abilities to provide innovative solutions at excellent standards.

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