The conditions below the ground surface cannot be easily predicted without a thorough subsurface exploration and proper evaluation of the data collected. It is essential that the exploration program be planned based on the local geologic conditions, the potential environmental factors, the geotechnical engineer’s experience, and the intended use of the property.

Our firm provides geotechnical recommendations that result in cost-effective site development and foundation design/construction, and a reduced likelihood of construction delays caused by unforeseen conditions.

NOVA’s Geotechnical Services for Due Diligence and During Design

  • Preliminary and Final Explorations
  • Site Characterizations Studies
  • Site Preparation and Foundation Specification Development
  • Slope Stability and Embankment Analysis
  • Foundation, Earthwork and Settlement
  • Evaluations, Analysis and Inspections
  • Site Specific Seismic Assessment
  • Geological Hazard Assessment
  • Plan Review

Field drilling, sampling and testing are offered by our professional staff and through our network of sub-contract drilling firms with which we have developed a strategic relationship.

  • Low Overhead Drilling and Sampling
  • All-Terrain Drill for Adverse Site Conditions
  • Over Water Drilling Utilizing Barges and Pontoons
  • Maintenance of Traffic (M.O.T.), including:
    • Certified M.O.T. Supervisors for Development and Supervision of MUTCD Traffic Safety Plans
    • Certified M.O.T. Flagmen
  • Specialized, Insitu-Testing, including:
    • Cone Penetration Testing
    • Packer or Slug Testing
    • Menard Pressuremeter
    • Wiener 4-pin Resistivity Testing
    • Seismic Refraction Surveys
    • Ground Penetrating Radar
    • Slope Inclinometer Data Acquisition

NOVA’s laboratories meet the requirements of ASTM E-329, D-3666 and C-1077. We are participants in the AMRL Sample Reference Proficiency Programs administered by AASHTO and CCRL. Most of our labs are either AASHTO, A2LA or CMEC accredited for soils, hot-mix asphalt, concrete and aggregate testing.

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Through its professional team of environmental engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, scientists, industrial hygienists, and regulatory specialists, NOVA offers a complete complement of environmental consulting services.

  • Transactional Due Diligence (Phase I & II ESA)
  • Brownfields Redevelopment
  • Brownfields Applications, Corrective Action Plans & Compliance Status Reports
  • Site Characterization/Soil & Groundwater Studies/Remedial Design
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment & Management
  • Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Optimization of Monitoring & Remediation Systems
  • Ecological & Natural Resources
  • Pre-Demolition Building Surveys (Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Mold & Radon)
  • Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Capabilities (IAQ & Exposure Assessments)
  • Occupational Safety & Health Plan Reviews, Development & Training
  • Storage Tank Management, Removal & Closure
  • Hazardous Waste/Materials Management & Permitting (RCRA/CERCLA)
  • Landfill Siting, Characterization & Design
  • Solid Waste Materials/Residuals Management & Permitting
  • Regulatory Compliance & Permitting (Air, Water, EMS Development)
  • Expert Legal Support (Expert Witness Testimony)

The NOVA environmental team applies its knowledge of federal and state regulations, technical skills, and analytical abilities to provide innovative solutions to its Clients’ complex environmental challenges. We partner with our Clients to ensure that the environmental aspects of their on-going operations comply with applicable environmental regulations and permit conditions.

Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments or PCA’s are important for Clients seeking to know the condition of a property or real estate they may be purchasing, leasing, or simply maintaining. NOVA’s PCAs are performed in accordance with ASTM E2018 and can identify the following:

  • Existing deficiencies
  • Provide guidance on system repairs
  • Replacements
  • projected costs of future maintenance and repairs

NOVA’s PCA reports include components such as:

  • Landscape
  • Hardscape
  • Civil
  • ADA Compliance
  • Parking lots/decks
  • Windows, doors, roofs
  • Building envelope
  • Finishes
  • MEP
  • Structural

Forensic & Non-Destructive Testing

Nondestructive Testing, also called NDT Testing, can detect surface and sub-surface defects without harming your materials and components or affecting their operating performance.

Forensic & Non-Destructive Testing provided by NOVA:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar Testing of Concrete
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Impact Echo Testing of Concrete
  • Infra-red and Nuclear Surveys
  • Electronic Leak Detection (Eld) / Electronic Field Vector Mapping
  • Wind Uplift Testing Per ASTM E-907
  • Water Infiltration Testing
  • Ligno-duo Tec Bw Moisture Meter