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Jonathan Caylor joined Nova Engineering & Environmental, Inc. as the Vice President of Safety in January 2020. This new role was created to increase an already robust safety culture and place improved focus on individual employee safety nationwide. Prior to joining the Nova team, Mr. Caylor was employed by the Ely Corporation, located in Cartersville, Georgia from August 2014 to January 2020 as Ely’s Director of Safety and Environmental Compliance. During this time, Mr. Caylor was instrumental in developing and growing the safety department to include a staff of 5 full-time safety professionals located across the southeast, serving in both the commercial construction and mining industries.

During Mr. Caylor’s tenure at The Ely Corporation, several objectives were met or exceeded, including the reduction of the company’s EMR from 1.26 to a record .69 for 2019 and zero lost time injuries for over 3 consecutive years. As a 14-year decorated Coast Guard Veteran, Jonathan has served in the military branch that serves our country in providing rescue, crisis management and front-line response for natural disasters, border threats, and citizen crisis situations. Few other roles provide the exposure to the aftermath of major accidents and injuries. The Coast Guard provides ongoing support and monitoring of safety and leads the way for many gold standard initiatives incorporated into civilian practice.

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