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Adam has over 20 years of experience in the industry. While working in the industry, Adam has gained experience in geotechnical and materials engineering consulting during construction of regional and international airports; retail, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities; water and wastewater treatment facilities; and solid waste landfills. He also has a background in civil engineering and design services pertaining to stormwater and erosion sediment control; pavement evaluations; and development of Quality Assurance/Quality Control plans for large projects.

Adam has demonstrated strong leadership and effective delegation while leading a team of 130+ engineers and technicians in 7 different geographic markets. He oversees daily operations, manages budgets, and sets performance objectives. Adam plans, evaluates, and optimizes operations to be efficient and cost-effective. He ensures products and services comply with regulatory and quality standards.

Adam is proficient in collaborating across departments and communicating effectively with staff members and has a history of building highly functional teams and leading them through operational changes.

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