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Omnichannel Healthcare Consumerism

June 29, 2022

Atlanta – NOVA invited 43 thought leaders to come together to discuss the future of healthcare delivery in the United States. The result is a comprehensive white paper that we shared today: Omnichannel Healthcare Consumerism: Are We Ready for the Future? It summarizes the responses to 5 questions from all thought leaders from Hospitals, A/E/C Industry, HC Real Estate, and strategy firms.

Lisa Feeley, NOVA’s Healthcare Market Sector Leader spearheaded the report. “By taking a comprehensive view of the industry, the report’s objective is education and sharing of ideas around how an omnichannel strategy impacts patient experience. Each of us in our role along the healthcare spectrum can find a better way to deliver our products and services to clients that ultimately improve the patient experience. We hope this information will provide some new ideas” Lisa said.

Contributors represented hospital leaders, architects and engineers, owner’s representatives, real estate professionals, construction leaders, strategic advisors, and product consultants. Several dominant themes emerged, most notably:

  • Patient Centricity – One Stop Shopping
  • Technology Plays Key Role but Human Touch Matters
  • Workforce Challenges
  • More at Home Service; Higher Acuity at Hospitals

For years, hospital leaders have been focused on how to improve leveraging data to drive planning but now, through more collaboration with partners, the focus has shifted to not only monetizing that data but realizing that by driving a better patient experience and enhancing productivity, monetization can be realized. From patient flow to staff efficiency to managing risk, leaders are using metrics and making better informed decisions but the last few years presented significant challenges. According to the American Hospital Association, hospital losses from the pandemic exceeded $320 billion. None of us want to see the healthcare industry go through anything like that again as the total impact to our country’s health and economic well being is still unknown. With the rise of new technologies and growth of innovative solutions to deliver healthcare combined with focus on patient experience, the next few years could present even more opportunities for each of us lead by example.

Download the full report at: Omnichannel Healthcare Consumerism: Are We Ready for the Future?


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Copyright © 2021 NOVA.
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