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Project Look Like a Confusing Maze? NOVA is Here to Help!

July 19, 2023

Upon first glance at this photo, the project site appears to be an intricate maze going in all directions with a confusing way out. Rest assured with NOVA, we can help clear any uncertainties and lead you to the path of being safe and sound. Captured in this photo onsite, our team member is performing reinforcing inspection of a very large “mat” foundation. Inspection is an important phase of the construction process that ensures a high quality, well-built structure. Inspection of the reinforcing steel in concrete forms is done by visual examination of its placement according to the details designed by the project structural engineer. A mat foundation (as depicted in the photo) is a large continuous rectangular or circular concrete element that carries the load of a series of columns or walls, or other heavily loaded building element and spreads or transfers the load over the foundation subgrade and support below. It is considered as one type of foundation and is useful in dissipating large loads and in controlling the differential settlement.

Construction inspection is essential for successful project delivery. Whether it’s reviewing project specifications on-site or documenting changes to an existing plan, inspection is necessary to meet industry standards for accuracy, quality and to keep construction work on time, within budget and most importantly adherence to a safe environment.

Photo credit: John Berry, Senior Inspector, Kennesaw, GA Office


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Trust NOVA for all of your consulting needs. Our expert team provides environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, and construction materials testing and inspection (CMT) services to ensure your that your project starts out on the right foot every time.

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Copyright © 2021 NOVA.
All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy

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