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Optical Illusion – No, Just Another Day in the Eyes of a NOVA Special Inspector

February 21, 2023

Think we’re creating an optical illusion to trick your mind – think again. This fascinating photo has captured a close-up view of corrugated steel pipes with perforations.

Corrugated steel pipe is available with perforations for the collection and dissemination of water underground and is an effective means of stormwater management. Subsurface, or groundwater control, is the most common use for the perforated pipe. Fully perforated pipe is ideally suited for retention of stormwater, permitting slow infiltration, or recharge, into the trench walls.

The pipes in this photo are being used to form an integrated unit called an Underground Detention System. Underground Detention Systems capture and store stormwater runoff in these large underground pipes or vaults. During a storm or snow melt, the runoff water first flows underground through a pipe connected to a catch basin or manhole. Once captured, the runoff water is stored underground.

Underground disposal of stormwater runoff in urban development design has the potential for saving millions of dollars. Recharge design makes the concept of zero increase in runoff possible, thus avoiding overloading trunk storm drains, and/or streams and rivers. The cost of reconstructing existing drains or channel improvements will usually prove to be far greater than recharge design.

Photo credit: Neil Fitzgibbons, NOVA Special Inspector/Kennesaw CMT Services



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Copyright © 2021 NOVA.
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