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NOVA’s Commitment to Skill Development – GPR Training Day

October 4, 2023

Continuing to learn skills in the job field is essential for staying competitive and career advancement. In today’s rapidly evolving work environment, technological advancements and changing industry trends require professionals to constantly update their knowledge and abilities. A commitment to ongoing skill development is a crucial component of long-term career success, personal growth which leads to success for the company as well.

To uphold that commitment of career development, NOVA’s Buford office hosted a training session involving Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for its employees. The session was conducted by our valued colleague, Daniel Bigman with Bigman Geophysical. The training was well attended and included staff across the Buford, Kennesaw, Norcross, Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa, Charlotte and Raleigh offices.

The ground penetrating radar (GPR) method uses electromagnetic pulses, emitted at regular intervals by an antenna to map subsurface features and discrete objects. The electromagnetic pulses are reflected where changes in electrical properties (dielectric constant) occur. In the case of collecting GPR data on concrete structures, this may occur due to the presence of rebar, cracking, voids, or the far side of the structure in question. The reflected electromagnetic energy is received by an antenna, converted into an electrical signal, and recorded by the GPR unit. The data is processed, viewed, and printed in real time. The result is a cross-section of the subsurface directly beneath the path of the antenna. The depth of penetration of the GPR signal varies according to antenna frequency and the conductivity of the subsurface material. As the frequency of the GPR antenna increases, the resolution increases but the depth of penetration decreases. As the conductivity of subsurface material increases the depth of penetration decreases due to increased attenuation of the GPR signal.

Lifelong learning not only enhances employees’ expertise but also increases adaptability, problem-solving capabilities, and job satisfaction. Kudos to all those who attended this event and thank you to our Buford office staff for hosting this valued experience.


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Copyright © 2021 NOVA.
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