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Measuring Moisture Levels in Roofs – NOVA Has You Covered

February 13, 2024

Measuring moisture levels in roofs is a preventive measure used to protect the structural integrity of buildings, ensure occupant health and safety, maintain energy efficiency, and comply with building codes and standards. Regular monitoring allows for early detection of potential issues, enabling timely and cost-effective maintenance. As part of NOVA’s Building Enclosure Consulting services, this is an important service we can provide.

Featured in this photo, NOVA experts are utilizing a Tramex Dec Scanner. This device is used to measure the moisture level in flat roofs and waterproofing systems in a non-destructive manner. As a forensics tool in NOVA’s toy-box, it works by using electrical impedance, which is the resistance to an alternating current, to detect the presence of water in the roof structure. The device has a large electrode mat that rolls over the roof surface and sends a low-frequency signal through the roof materials. The device then measures the impedance of the signal and displays it on an analog meter. The Tramex Dec Scanner has three ranges of sensitivity that can be adjusted depending on the type and thickness of the roof materials which scans and can detect moisture from one inch to six inches depth.

Areas of the roof system that the Tramex Dec Scanner identifies as higher in moisture content are marked out on the roof surface using a crayon or spray paint, creating a “moisture map”.  Roof cuts or cores are often then performed to assist in verifying the moisture and determining what component of the roof system is impacted by moisture.

For additional information about these services, visit our Building Enclosure Consulting Services site or contact us today!

Contributor – Desiré Mahanna, Business Unit Manager, Facilities and Building Enclosure Services


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Copyright © 2021 NOVA.
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