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Impaired Water Sampling – NOVA’s Local Initiatives

December 5, 2023

NOVA loves nothing better than to help the local communities right in our backyard. NOVA has been hired to assist the City of Acworth, just a few minutes away from our corporate headquarters, with its existing initiative to systematically sample impaired waters and implement targeted measures for improvement. This project aims not only to identify sources of contamination but also to help develop and implement effective strategies to enhance the overall quality of water resources within the City.

A systematic sampling program was designed and in place in coordination with the City’s Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) executed to assess the quality of water bodies located within city limits.

Sampling efforts by NOVA staff are covering a range of water sources including streams in both urban and suburban areas. Analytical techniques are being employed to identify and quantify various pollutants, encompassing heavy metals, effluents, nutrients, and other runoff related contaminants. The project focuses on pinpointing the sources of impairment to establish a clear understanding of the contributors to water quality degradation.

NOVA water professionals will analyze the collected data integrated with existing stormwater planning measures to identify patterns, hotspots, and potential pathways of contamination. Our hopes are that the findings along with tailored remediation strategies can help to address specific pollutants and sources of contamination.

Continuous monitoring is instituted to track the effectiveness of implemented measures and adapt strategies as needed. These regular assessments ensure that the project remains dynamic, responsive, and capable of addressing emerging challenges.

This multifaceted initiative to sample impaired waters and improve water quality in Acworth, Georgia stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, data-driven decision-making, and community engagement. Look for NOVA in your neighborhood!

Contributor: Brittany Israel, PE, Senior Engineer-Environmental Services, Kennesaw, GA Office



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