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Greening Our Communities: Surveying Employees for Enhanced Recycling Practices and Sustainability Initiatives

November 14, 2023

With America Recycles Day coming up November 15, 2023, we’re excited to announce that NOVA is taking a meaningful step towards a more sustainable future. In our commitment to environmental responsibility, we conducted a company-wide sustainability survey with our employees to assess and enhance our eco-friendly practices. Participants had the ability to voluntarily answer questions, not only about best practices followed during their workday, but also in their daily lives.

The purpose of this survey was to gain more insight as to what practices our employees were currently implementing and to determine if future education efforts needed to be offered.

In this recent NOVA Team survey regarding sustainability and environmental responsibility:

  • 100% of survey respondents actively do something to reduce their overall consumption of single-use plastics
  • Over 98% actively recycle at home
  • Over 100% place value on sustainability and environmental responsibility

This input is crucial as we explore innovative ways to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. This survey reflects our dedication to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. We are appreciative of the valuable input provided through this journey and for being a part of this path towards a more environmentally conscious future.

We encourage you to take the recycling reality check quiz found on the Keep America Beautiful website This quiz helps provide valuable insights to recycling best practices. Educating for a sustainable environment involves fostering awareness, knowledge, and values that empower individuals to make informed choices and take responsible actions. Join us in this journey to improve and beautify our communities.



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Copyright © 2021 NOVA.
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