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Electronic Leak Detection – Your Roof, Budget, and Schedule Will Thank You

a person walking down a street next to a buildingDecember 27, 2022

NOVA understands that a facility’s roofing and building envelope systems are one of the most important and at times the most neglected building components. In fact, the performance of the building envelope is critical for the structural integrity, durability, and effective operation of any structure. NOVA professionals bring many years of industry experience in the field of roofing and waterproofing and are prepared to focus this expertise on our clients’ facilities.

For assessment of existing facilities, design of repair or replacement projects, construction administration, and maintenance through the end of its usable service life, NOVA has the experience to get the most out of your capital and maintenance dollars. Performance failure due to uncontrolled moisture intrusion, heat, or airflow can compromise a building — bringing added legal, maintenance, and remedial costs and devaluing a capital investment.

NOVA’s proven professionals are known for their ability to recognize and troubleshoot problematic glass and glazing, roofing, and waterproofing issues before such adversely impacts budgets and schedules. When the inevitable leak occurs either before the building is occupied or after some years of maintenance, NOVA’s experts can perform Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) services to the roof (as captured in this photo) where electricity can be utilized to follow the path of a leak and pinpoint its exact location without the application of thousands of gallons of water as used in traditional flood testing. Previously, the only non-destructive methods of locating the point of entry were to implement compartmentalized flood testing or a “trial and error” technique.

Contact us today if you have concerns with your building envelope components. We’re here to put our professional, practical, proven solutions to work!

Photo credit: Randy Rule, RRO, Building Enclosure/Roofing Consultant


Professional. Practical. Proven.

Trust NOVA for all of your consulting needs. Our expert team provides environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, and construction materials testing and inspection (CMT) services to ensure your that your project starts out on the right foot every time.

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Copyright © 2021 NOVA.
All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy

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