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Celebrating April NOVA-Versaries

April 3, 2024 NOVA proudly announces April anniversaries for several of its dedicated employees. These milestones mark years of hard work, dedication, and loyalty to the company's mission and values. We recognize the invaluable contributions these individuals have made to…

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NOVA Employees Dedicate Time to Support Mobile Food Market

April 1, 2024 NOVA is proud to announce its employees' voluntary efforts in supporting the local community through the recent participation in a pop-up grocery market initiative. Amidst the ongoing challenges of ending unnecessary food waste and fighting hunger, TeamNOVA…

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Driving Change: NOVA’s Commitment to Sustainability

March 19, 2024 At NOVA Engineering and Environmental,  sustainability principles.  we believe that sustainability is not just a commitment; it is a fundamental responsibility that falls in line with our mission (add link here) and vision as we support the…

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Recognizing Female Pioneers in Construction

March 8, 2024 Honoring Women's History Month and International Women's Day is a celebration of the remarkable achievements, contributions, and resilience of women throughout history and across the globe. This month-long observance, dedicated to recognizing and honoring women's accomplishments, provides…

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Celebrating March NOVA-Versaries

March 5, 2024 As we step into the month of March, it brings with it a special reason to celebrate and extend our heartfelt appreciation to some incredible individuals who have been an integral part of our NOVA family. Join…

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