Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering requires thorough knowledge of soil, rock and groundwater conditions in a local area.   Conditions vary over relatively short geographic distances and can even vary widely across the same project site.  Geotechnical engineering in Augusta is different from that of other areas in Georgia and South Carolina, in particular due to Augusta being located at the interface of the Piedmont and Coastal Plain geologic regions.  Subsurface conditions in these two regions are quite different, but NOVA’s team of geotechnical engineers has decades of experience working in both of these geologic regions, as well as sites in the Augusta MSA.  Soil, rock, and groundwater are unique, so the success of your project depends on people who know and can effectively analyze those conditions.

Successful project planning, design and construction relies heavily on the site’s subsurface conditions.  Site preparation and grading, along with foundation, slab and pavement support conditions, represent some of the largest variables regarding construction cost on a project. Having an experienced local geotechnical engineer is critical to evaluating subsurface conditions properly and evaluating the most cost effective solutions for grading and structural support of your project.  The fee for experienced geotechnical engineering on your project can pay itself back 10 or 100 fold in design and construction savings when you choose the right firm.   NOVA Engineering’s team of geotechnical engineers is intimately familiar with the subsurface conditions facing projects in Augusta and the surrounding areas, and will apply that knowledge to the design and construction of your project.

We work with you from the due diligence stage, through planning and design as well as follow on inspection work through construction. Contact our geotechnical engineering team in our Augusta, GA office to begin discussing your project.

Geotechnical Engineering Grounded in Knowledge of Augusta, GA

The prospective site’s unique geological characteristics affect any planned construction, and diligent geotechnical engineering provides the foundation for successful projects. NOVA’s geotechnical engineers are among the country’s best and apply their expertise throughout the Southeast and beyond on a variety of major projects.

Some recent geotechnical engineering projects in Augusta include the following:

  • James Brown Arena – NOVA performed a geotechnical study for this new arena in downtown Augusta by the project construction manager. This signature project include demolition of an existing stadium, and construction of an approximately 85,000 square foot, 10,000 seat facility.     
  • Amazon Distribution Center – NOVA performed a geotechnical peer review of work performed by others on the site of a new 600,000 square foot distribution center. Our work was performed for the project developer.
  • J-311 Augusta University College of Science and Math – NOVA performed construction phase geotechnical services for this 125,000 square foot classroom, working for the project architect and State of Georgia.

Other large geotechnical projects in Georgia that demonstrate our range of expertise include:

  • 5th Runway 10-28, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, GA – This 9,000-foot runway has been called “the most important runway in America.” It averages more than 100,000 landings and takeoffs per year.
  • Georgia Department of Transportation Design-Build Bridge Bundles, GA – NOVA Engineering is the geotechnical engineer of record for 21 of the 25 bridges in this innovative GDOT procurement and bridge replacement project.
  • Ponce City Market, Atlanta, GA – Our geotechnical engineering services for the renovation of this 100-year-old, 12 level, 2 million square foot project include remediation of environmentally impacted soils and groundwater.

A Complete Suite of Geotechnical Engineering Services

Each site presents different challenges to the design and construction of any large project. NOVA’s geotechnical engineering team leaves no stone unturned, applying the following services to your project as appropriate:

  • Preliminary and final subsurface explorations
  • Shallow, intermediate, and deep foundation system evaluation
  • Floor slab recommendations
  • Slope stability and embankment analysis
  • Retaining wall, shoring/bracing analyses
  • Pavement design
  • Seismic assessments
  • Groundwater evaluation and dewatering recommendations
  • Foundation, earthwork, and settlement analysis
  • Site characterization studies
  • Geological  hazard assessments

Accredited Laboratory Analysis

Diligent laboratory analysis is the cornerstone of any geotechnical engineering project. NOVA Engineering’s labs meet ASTM D-3666, E-329, and C-1077 standards. In addition, we participate in AASHTO’s Materials Reference Laboratory Sample Reference Proficiency Program. We ensure our laboratory tests meet strict requirements for soil, rock, and groundwater analysis.

Contact Our Geotechnical Engineering Team in Augusta, Georgia

NOVA’s geotechnical engineers follow our unwavering standards of professional, practical, and proven work. We’ll apply the same standards to your project, and work with you from design to construction. Contact our Augusta, Georgia office at 706-842-3733 or by filling out our online form below so we can begin discussing your project.