Corporate Safety Director Position Filled by Eric Moore

June 21, 2019

In order to aide us in improving the company’s overall safety metrics and to position us for future growth and success, we are excited to announce our Corporate Safety Director role has been filled by Eric Moore, SMS, CHST.

Mr. Moore brings over 17 years of widespread industry training, practical, on-the-job construction coordination, and project management experience. He is a certified Safety Management Specialist (SMS) and Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST).

He will be based out of our Kennesaw, Georgia office but will be available to all NOVA offices for initial and future health and safety assessment, training, presentation, and investigations.  Eric reports directly to NOVA’s Board of Managers, but will be supported daily by Barry Roziewski, EVP.

Some of Eric’s responsibilities will include: developing and implementing a corporate Health & Safety (H&S) Program, developing and executing health and safety plans in the workplace, preparing and enforcing policies, evaluating business & safety practices, procedures and facilities to assess risks, developing and conducting training/presentations, monitoring compliance with company policies and OSHA requirements, auditing employees, investigating accidents, incidents and near misses to determine cause, overseeing and managing all company-related worker’s compensation claims, developing recommended solutions to H&S issues, and assisting NOVA team members to promote the overall safety objectives of the company.  It is the Board of Manager’s goal to have zero accidents and no lost days, so we are very excited to have Eric lead our efforts in this cultural change for the company.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and the Board in confident that Eric’s leadership will help us achieve our goals.

Here’s to our company being in safe hands!  He may be contacted at 919-971-2842 or