Engineering Services
Medical College Of GA

Medical College of Georgia, School of Denistry – Augusta, Georgia

Owner/Client Contact: Georgia Health Sciences University

c/o Georgia State Investment & Finance Commission

Paul W. Shelton, PE – Senior Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer – KSi Structural Engineers                                                             Architect: – Lord Aeck Sargent

Program & Construction Management: Gleeds

Project Description: Construction consisted of the new $112M School of Dentistry, which was located on Site A of a 3-parcel track totaling approximately 5 acres.  Future developments will occupy the remaining sites which were pre-graded during this phase.  All three sites are located on property previously developed.

The School of Dentistry is a 266,388 square-foot, 4-story building with a penthouse.  The new facility provides dental laboratories, operations, simulation labs, production labs, dental practice group operations, administration, offices, distance learning and classrooms for instructional programs.  The structure is supported on intermediate foundations consisting of approximately 1,600 rammed aggregate piers.  Vertical construction was predominately post-tensioned concrete with a veneer consisting of brick, cast-stone and architectural glass.  Site elevations ranged from approximately 143 to 146 feet-MSL, requiring approximately 5 feet of fill to achieve design finished grades.

Scope of Services Provided: The Special Inspection, Sampling and Testing services provided were in strict compliance with the IBC and GA Amendments for Special Inspections.  To accomplish this NOVA established a full-service, ARML/ASSHTO accredited laboratory adjacent to the site within 3 weeks of project award and successfully provided the following services:

  • Soils testing & inspection (site grading & compacted aggregate)
  • Foundation evaluations (piers & footings)
  • Structural concrete inspection, sampling & testing (shallow/deep foundations, footings, slabs-on-grade, elevated slabs, structural frame and misc. site concrete)
  • Joint Sealant (preconstruction compatibility & adhesion testing, and field test adhesion to joint substrates)
  • Glass/Curtain Wall/Storefront/Composite and Ribbed Metal Wall Panel inspections
  • Structural Steel (inspection of field welds and connections)
  • Fireproofing testing & inspection
  • Asphalt and Concrete Paving sampling & testing
  • Pressure testing of the water and sewer lines
  • Masonry inspection, sampling and testing
  • NPDES Inspections and Monitoring
  • Through penetration fire stop systems inspections
  • Smoke barriers and smoke sealant systems inspections
  • Roofing Systems & Waterproofing inspections

NOVA Contract: Originally $665,530 (Cost plus with an estimated overall fee). NOVA completed all services within the contract approved budget.

Construction Schedule: Construction was to start in July 2009, but was delayed almost 3 months.  However, construction was completed in June 2011; still on time and within budget.